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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 15, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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drought, there is a huge effort under way to make ocean water safe to use. you're looking at the biggest desalination plan in the county. which opened north of san diego. it cost a billion dollars and will produce 50 million gallons of drinkable water every day. we're staying on top of two developing stories in prince george's county this morning. two men were killed in separate shootings overnight. one in glendale, the other in hyattsville. live report in 15 minutes. first, 5:00 a.m., good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we want to check our weather as well. mild weather pattern in our area continues. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here with your forecast. >> near 70 yesterday. we held in some of the warmth overnight, even with the rain passing through. most of it is gone. we're getting some lingering sprinkles here, panhandle of west virginia near martensburg and over to near frederick,
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showing up as little glip blip green in the radar. look at toour temperatures, dropping back to the 50s, panhandle of west virginia and shenandoah valley. low 60s to our south and around the chesapeake bay. county by county, highs today should be hovering in the low to mid-60s in the metro area. northern virginia. maybe in the low to mid-60s there as well. further to the south and east, also going to be a mild day and partly cloudy, blustery wind. melissa, what's going on the roads. >> issue with the stalled vehicle here, 395 northbound at edsal road. stalled vehicle to the right side. we have that here this morning with that right shoulder blocked here right now. just a warning for you, if you're headed out anytime soon here this morning. another issue right now, taking a look at 66 and at 95. don't have any major problems there right now.
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66 inbound, 68 miles per hour. 95, 70 miles per hour, don't have any major problems there. live look now at 66, you can see looking good as well. back in ten minutes. thank you, melissa. happening today, montgomery county police prepare to lay one of its officers to rest. 24-year-old noah leotta's funeral at 11:00 a.m. at the covenant life church in gaithersburg. that's where kristin wright is now. more with the officer's life and commitment to police work. good morning. >> reporter: it is a sad day for the montgomery county police department, for law enforcement here as far as for officer noah leotta's family. the funeral is this morning at 11:00 at covenant life church here in gaithersburg. a procession to the cemetery will follow. leotta was only 24 years old. he joined the montgomery county police department in 2013 and it would have been three years in
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january, but officer leotta died thursday, he was out on dui patrol december 3rd, hit by a suspected drunk driver who police believe had also smoked marijuana before getting behind the wheel. that driver has not been charged pending blood tests. leotta's family has asked any donations be made to mothers against drunk driving and the fourth district station, which leotta worked out of in wheaton is accepting cards for officer leotta's family. back to you guys. there will be several road closures for the funeral and processi procession. from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 pick. muncaster road will be open to those attending the funeral. it will leave the church around 1:15 and travel to the judean memorial gardens in olney. all the roads along that route will be closed until 2:15 in the afternoon. a baltimore jury gets back to work at 8:30 this morning,
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they'll decide whether officer william porter is guilty of manslaughter for the death of freddie gray. prosecutors say porter did not take enough action to save gray, who asked for help in the back of a police van. the defense says porter alerted his supervisors. the defense also claims the prosecution is trying to use the city's fear of riots to get a guilty verdict. porter is one of six baltimore officers facing charges. the police commissioner wants to keep the peace regardless of the verdict. ken davis sent out a letter yesterday. saying the days ahead gives blr a unique opportunity to do show the world. he says the verdict will not change his or his officers' commitment to serve and protect. another thing happening in reaction to gray's death. they're equipping police vans with cameras. gray died in april and investigators say his death was
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caused by a severe spinal injury in the back of a baltimore police van. two developing stories in prince george's county at 5:05. glendale, officers found a man shot to death on good luck road. on 53rd place in hyattsville, police found a man shot to death inside this home. in other details released. in both crimes, a $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. developing, a college in san bernardino, california, is closed today. san bernardino valley college says someone called in a bomb threat last night. the school evacuated but the police didn't find anything. they were told to stay off campus during an investigation today. a lawyer for maryland man accused of taking thousands of dollars from isis is asking the public to withhold judgment. this is a story we first brought you on the nbc washington app. mohammad elshinawy pretended to
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sell printers to conceal the payments. court documents state isis told the suspects to cause destruction in the u.s. he remains in jail this morning. a former illinois national guard soldier admitted to helping isis plan an attack on u.s. soil. hassan edmonds pled guilty to providing material support to the terrorist organization. the fbi says edmonds planned to fight for isis overseas while his cousin carried out a mass shooting at a national guard facility. developing in the fight against terrorism, a lot of countries in the middle east are now coming together to target terrorism. saudi arabia is organizing a military alliance of 34 countries including libya, egypt, and pakistan. but not iran. the organizers of the alliance say terrorism is a serious violation of human dignity and rights and islam forbids corruption and destruction of the world.
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now to decision 2016, nine candidates will appear in primetime tonight for the first republican presidential debate -- the last i should say. wolf blitzer will moderate that debate. tracie potts will have the latest on the debate and which candidates are gaining ground at 5:30. presidential candidate donald trump getting help from a virginia politician known for his tough stance on immigration. trump's campaign announced yesterday that cory stewart would become the virginia campaign chairman. stewart is the chairman of the prince william county board of supervisors and helped push through a county ordinance that requires law enforcement officers to verify the immigration background of everyone they arrest. stewart says he disagrees with trump's stance on keeping muslims out of the u.s., hopes to be a bridge between the brash presidential front-runner and muslim americans. it is now 5:07. it is december. but sure doesn't feel like it.
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it hasn't for a few days now. drive time forecast. how busy will the roads be. the new numbers we got on how many plan to travel between christmas and new year's. and crime at the rockefeller christmas tree. why three men are in a lot o
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i new look at the holiday travel forecast. the big takeaway, get ready for crowded highways and jam packed airports. aaa says 41% of people would live in the greater washington area will travel between christmas and new year's, up from last year, only by about 1 percentage point. the agency says 2 million of us will be driving, it recommends you check your vehicle's battery and tires ahead of hitting the roads. new this morning, three people are sitting in jail this morning after trying to climb the rockefeller tree. new york city police arrested the protesters outside of the 49th street plaza entrance of rockefeller center. the protesters were part of the
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group nyc shut it down which wages weekly protests. this one was meant to highlight the shooting laquan mcdonald in chicago. update on our weather and traffic to start off your morning commute. tom kierein. >> most of the rain is over from last night. still getting a few scattered sprinkles here to the east of mart martinsville to frederick. morning commute, some damp roads, still a little ponding of water and the sunshine breaking out, hovering near 60. the afternoon rush hour, roads drying out nicely. sunshine, bit of a blustery wind, in the mid-60s. cold plunge for the weekend, 5:21. a bit of a delay in prince george's county. >> in oxon hill, eastbound oxon hill road at livingston road, delay there because of the emergency road work that could be hanging around here for the next couple of hours. hopefully it gets out of the way before too many people hit the
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roads. left and center lanes blocked. it looks like it is hanging around for us this morning. we'll keep you updated if that changes. taking a look here, top of the beltway, all those major routes into and out of town look good. 66 at sudley rolling along nicely. what we're finding out about the investigation in glendale. >> new results on a vote to oppose syrian refugees.
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two murder investigations, one in glendale, maryland, prince george's county police say a man died after a shooting on good luck road. and that is where we find news 4's molette green this morning. what are you learning? >> good morning. yes, we are near the second murder scene of the night. this is where police say they found a man suffering gunshot
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wounds last night around 9:15 here on good luck road. we're not far from green belt road, we're very near duvall high school here. the man was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead. prince george's police say it does not appear random. there is a crime solvers reward up to $25,000. the other murder scene in the 5,000 block of 53rd place, that's between emerson and farragut street. they found a man shot, pronounced dead there at the scene and there is no description of a suspect in that case either. two murders around the same time here in prince george's county last night and police are investigating they have a lot of questions and, of course, a lot of clue s to look for and want police to give them a -- want the public to give them a call with tips so they can follow up. that's the latest live here from glendale. molette green, news 4. residents are calling for a curfew in the city of alexandria, worried that the death of two young men in two
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separate parks are gang related. the bodies found earlier this fall. earl cook says it is up to the city council to impose a curfew. it is now 5:18. a d.c. mother tells news 4 she's worried no one will be charged in her son's death. the medical examiner ruled alonzo smith's death a homicide two weeks ago but the report was made public yesterday raising his mother's concerns. the 27-year-old died last month after being taken into custody at the marbury plaza apartments in southeast washington. the medical examiner's report says cocaine in his system and the compression of his torso contributed to his death. new video of a suspect wanted in a sex assault here in the district. police just released surveillance video. police say a woman was walking along 8th street southeast when a man tried to rob and sexually assault her. this happened late last month. if you were in that area, or have any information, police would like to hear from you. new details this morning, in
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a late night vote, green belt city council decided to officially oppose governor larry hogan's stance on syrian refugees. the council voted 6-1 in favor of sending a letter to the governor stating their opposition. the council will review the language and bring it up at their next meeting for another vote. in addition to the governor, the letter will be sent to county lawmakers. now it a dangerous string of robberies in prince george's county. over the weekend, four 7-eleven stores were robbed. you see one suspect holds the cashier and the others rob the store. police believe these -- three robberies were carried out by the same suspect on saturday in forestville. an armed suspect stormed in a sports zone store. in ft. washington now, a teenager faces murder charges in a homicide we first told you about sunday night. prince george's county police say drayton hawkins will be charged as an adult. they say he argued with keith
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williams before stabbing him. officers found william's body inside a car on tucker road. the new general manager says he wants to keep meeting with riders. paul wiedefeld got a big thumbs up when he told commuters he plans to take metro to work every day. the riders union tweeted it ran into wiedefeld on the red line and that's the best they could ask of a gm. he listened to riders concerns last night in downtown d.c. they included frustration over metro's real time trip planning data. >> it shows 44 minutes for a train. then 5 minutes. then it showed 34. then it showed 8. >> another complaint that came up, single-tracking for repairs. riders say in the past it only happened on weekends. but now it is eating into their week day commutes. a step toward better pay and more benefits for uber and lift drivers. seattle became the first city yesterday to allow the drivers to unionize. it could be a while before the law goes into effect.
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seattle's mayor says he has concerns about costs. management at both companies is vowing to challenge the law in court and that could take years. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is taking steps to help the city's unemployed find work. on monday, she appointed a former rival. he will oversee d.c.'s use of federal job training money. he was running for mayor. he was also -- is also the owner of the popular busboys and poets restaurant chain. this next -- >> you know, i know. we love words. >> i know. >> in a big way. >> brand-new, a small but powerful suffix became the word of the year. ism. >> merriam-webster made the announcement this morning. people are looking at specific isms, the top ones are words you can imagine, socialism, fascism, capitalism, and feminism. >> ism is not a word. >> it is a suffix, not a word.
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remember the emoji that became the -- i mean, i can't with all this. he's been on the air with nbc for 65 years. dear friend and colleague willard scott is retiring. willard was our weather man here in washington for many years. he worked alongside jim vance back in the '70s. vance will be among those who will be back at willard's remarkable year on news 4 at 6:00 tonight. that's what they had instead of green screen. the "today" show will pay tribute to willard. al roker will be with him on his farm in virginia. huge congratulations. willard was the preeminent weather man before we had weather men. >> yeah. >> cool guy. tom kierein is now the end all and be all. >> there you go. >> you worked with willard for a while too. >> last time i saw willard in the hall here, i said, are you on social media?
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he said, social media? i don't even have a computer. he's a wonderful guy. we're happy for him. what a wonderful career he's had. this morning we're starting off at storm team 4 radar, didn't have that when willard started. but we have it now. few sprinkles to the east of martinsburg to frederick. they are just sort of drying out now. for the rest of the day, jacket, long pants, sunglasses, but you can ditch the umbrella and rain boots. dropping back to the 50s. northern and western suburbs, shenandoah valley and mountains. reagan national now at 64 degrees. unreal for december morning. storm team 4 four day forecast hovering in the low anded my m for the rest of the day. tomorrow, cooler, 40s tomorrow morning, upper 50s during the afternoon on wednesday. on thursday, rain likely, this may be a weather alert day, could have some moderate to
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heavy rain from time to time and temperatures in the 50s. that rain ends on thursday night. then sun back on friday, and then it starts to turn colder. it will stay in the 40s throughout the day on friday. and plunge to below freezing by dawn on saturday. right at the freezing mark. first time in quite a while. and it will be only in the low 40s saturday afternoon. again, near or below freezing sunday morning, partly cloudy sunday afternoon and still pretty cold, temperatures in the mid-40s, both of those days. generally good weather, go out and get a tree. and monday, a bit milder again as we bounce back to the mid-50s by monday afternoon. four things to know coming up at 5:31. now melissa, looking at a couple of issues this morning. >> couple of problems. 32 westbound, bw parkway, new crash there just being reported and take a look at this other one, outbound, suitland parkway at silver hill road. sounds like a vehicle off the roadway there. two new problems here this
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morning. eastbound oxon hill road at livingston, emergency road work hanging around here. taking a look at 66 and 95, don't have any problems there. 270 at father hurley boulevard, no major issues. everything rolling along just fine. now, we still have this situation for much of the morning commute here in gaithersburg. muncaster mill road shut down from 8:00 to 2:00 because of the officer's funeral. it is 5:25 now. a family out of its home for now after a fire in prince george's county. firefighters were called to endcut place. firefighters tweeted this video of the flames. no word on what caused this fire. right now, nasa is getting ready to launch a rocket, sending three astronaut s to the international space station. 45 minutes or so, looking at the preparations from the launch site in kazakhstan. an american, russian and british
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astronaut all joining the crew up in space. homeless man in jail for digging a 15 foot deep cave in a fairfax city park. 25-year-old yosue rios cleared out that hole and was living in it apparently. the cave was hidden by plywood and leaves. inside, police found books and papers that looked like homework assignments. it appeared rios was studying english. >> more power to him. he did something that most people don't do. he took a step to change his life and made his own little home where he could study. >> police filled that cave in with dirt. rios is charged with destruction of property. it is now 5:26. news for your health, update about autism. a study out monday found a connection between mothers who take antidepressants and higher risk of having a child with autism. experts say it is very small risk, about 1%. the risk is higher for women taking medication in their second or third trimesters.
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in response to recent mass shootings, one school board in indiana wants to arm its teachers. the west clark school board says the guns would be locked in a safe, only teachers with prior military or police training would have access to the weapon. most teachers at the school are in favor of being armed. the indiana department of education says it is looking into the school board's proposal. your winter coat probably hasn't had much use this winter so far. tom tells us that is going to change and four things to know forecast. gop candidates are ready for a fight. we break down who is gaining ground as all of them prepare to battle at tonight's republican presidential debate.
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developing right now at 5:30, a violent night in prince george's county. two shooting deaths, one in glendale, the other hyattsville. what we're finding out about two men shot to death overnight. and honoring one of their own, how maryland police are remembering a young officer as the community will lay him to rest in a few hours. first, good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. 5:31. want to get you caught up on four things to know about the forecast. >> meteorologist tom kierein. >> roads wet from overnight rain. most of the rain is gone. storm team 4 radar showing we're rain free. we had a few sprinkles passing just north of us now. now pulling just east of martinsburg, there now coming into northern loudoun county. few sprinkles south of
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frederick. four things to know for tuesday, another day of springtime in december weather. a breezy mild afternoon, winds pick up a little bit. and turning cooler tomorrow. but still warmer than average. and then as we get towards the end of the week, and the weekend, much colder weather comes in. it is going to be feeling like wintertime by the time we get into friday afternoon and evening and into saturday and sunday. it is going to be below freezing in the morning. do you remember what it feels like? >> no, i don't want to remember. do i have to remember? sounds like you need a coat. >> cold on the weekend. >> thanks, tom. 198, the ramp to southbound bw parkway, brand-new accident, just being reported, does not look like right now at least it is slowing anything down. we'll keep you updated on that one. silver hill road, crash in prince george's county as well this morning. taking a big look at the beltway, everything seems to be rolling just fine this morning. 95 north of prince william
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parkway, northbound, southbound, no major issues. travel times in ten minutes. 5:32. we turn to decision 2016 now. >> do i hear some noise over there? yes, i do. bye-bye. protesters hit donald trump's rally in las vegas last night. his speech covered several controversial topics including the ongoing case against army sergeant bow bergdahl. he attacked the fact that bergdahl will get no jail time. protesters interrupted him several times. the crowd cheered as they were removed by security. now, in decision 2016 had republican candidates will square off later today in their fifth and final debate of this year in las vegas. tracie potts has the latest on who is gaining ground on the front-runner donald trump. good morning. >> good morning. look out for ted cruz. donald trump is number one nationally, but cruz is surging. trump was in las vegas last night. he held a rally there as you
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just saw from some of those protesters. aside from that, talked about the other republicans, the other on stage with him tonight, saying they should just go home. he said they're all going to be attacking him tonight but he seemed super confident about tonight's debate. a reason why. look at the latest poll. trump at a whopping 41%. that's more than three times the next republican who is ted cruz. then marco rubio, not far behind at 10%. dr. ben carson slipping in a lot of the national polls now at 9:9% in this one. cruz is doing well in iowa. this poll and several others show him leading in iowa, particularly among conservatives and evangelicals in that state. he's been focusing on his grund game there. the debate tonight, we have donald trump, ted cruz, and ben carson in the center. a number of other candidates including chris christie who is
5:34 am
back on the main stage, and rand paul who squeezed in at the last minute with a late poll that came out on sunday. >> tracie potts on the hill, thank you. today, hillary clinton will lay out her plan to fight isis. she will make her announcement in minneapolis. clinton says law enforcement must tackle all aspect of the problem from recruitment to planning to execution. >> today the united states and our armed forces continue to lead the global coalition in our mission to destroy the terrorist group isil. >> president obama offers up new information on the fight against isis. support may be lagging. a new poll shows that his support is down as terrorism fears rise. according it the poll, terrorism and national security are now america's top public concern. the president's job rating has now dropped to 43%, the lowest level in more than a year. it seems that one in 10 of you believe the country is heading in the wrong direction in the fight against terrorism.
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it appears sergeant bowe bergdahl could spend the rest of his life in prison. the army announced yesterday he'll face a general court-martial that goes against earlier recommendations that the case be handled at a special court-martial. bergdahl left his post in afghanistan in 2009 and was captured by the taliban, freed last year in a controversial exchange for five guantanamo bay prisoners. we have new details about the video that had a lot of you talking in september. you may remember this attack on a referee during a game. now the coach accused of encouraging players to hit the ref is on probation and will do community service. he pled guilty yesterday, resfrir resigned from his coaching position after the incident this fall. a vote over new plans for an elementary school in frederick, maryland. the proposal puts butterfly ridge elementary school in west frederick next to hargut farm. the school will be ready for students in august of 2018.
5:36 am
the city planning commission will vote on that tonight. walmart and washington nationals are stepping up to help the salvation army in the district. $20,000 worth of angel tree gifts were stolen this weekend. thieves broke into a warehouse in southeast washington and stole presents donated to local children. two juveniles were arrested, three others escaped. gifts will be delivered this week. call for help for an 11-year-old girl from montgomery county this morning. her na imis na taume is natasha. they will work a donor drive to try to help her from 4:00 to 7:00 at rocky hill middle school in clarksburg. we have been spoiled with the warm weather lately. but can the higher temperatures last much longer? tom is updating his hour by hour forecast. new "star wars" movie had the big premiere, what you may not be able to bring when it opens to everyone later this week. and right now, a community
5:37 am
is getting ready to stay good-bye to a dedicated police officer. the preparations and the traffic impact for the funeral of noah leotta.
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"star wars" is nearly here. the #starwarspremiere is
5:40 am
trending. it made its debut at the famous chinese theater in hollywood last night. we won't see any official review s until wednesday. they're not allowed out until then. i know people are talking about it. showings start this thursday. many are already sold out, so if you're going, you should also know a lot of theaters are banning costumes and props. masks are off limits for security concerns. >> face paint, and lightsabers, leave them at home. too bad, i could put my hair up in the princess leia buns. >> you can have a screening at your house. we'll all dress up. >> will you come dress eed as a wookie? >> why a wookie? >> all right, you can come as hans solo. a storm hitting the rockies and the northern plains. video out of bozeman, montana, look here, some areas could see as much as a foot of snow by the time the storm stops tonight. winter storm warnings should last through the morning
5:41 am
commute. luckily we're not seeing anything like that in here. tom kierein, what are we seeing here? >> winter lovers have had the -- out for the last several weeks. they want snow. nothing like that coming our way. colder temperatures getting closer to us by the weekend. look at that coming up at 5:51. lingering light showers north and west of us. now all pretty much gone. the pavement still wet. still some ponding of water from the overnight towers. right around 60 degrees in the metro area. next 12 hours, hovering near 60 through noon time, back to the mid-60s midafternoon. blustery wind this morning. now, melissa, what's going on. >> new problem here again, talking about eastbound 198, still hanging around right now. we just learned the southbound bw parkway, ramp there is blocked this morning. trying to get more information on that one. germantown to the beltway, 11
5:42 am
minutes. beltway 95 to 270, nine pminute. 66 inbound and 95 north looking good. a police officer killed by a suspected drunk driver will be laid to rest. how the community is honoring officer noah leotta as the traffic impact expekct affectin of commuters today. workers diving for their
5:43 am
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happening today, montgomery county police officers will bury one of their own. officer noah leotta died after being hit by suspected drunk driver. now his death is renewing calls for tougher dui laws in maryland. kristin wright has more information now from montgomery county. good morning. >> officer noah leotta's funeral will be here at covenant life
5:46 am
churnlg in gau church in gaithersburg at 11:00. a difficult day for the police department law enforcement in general and officer leotta's family. he was only 24 years ole. officer leotta died thursday. he was out on dui patrol on december 3rd when he was hit by a suspected drunk driver who police believe had also smoked marijuana. officer leotta's death prompted loud calls for tougher dui laws in maryland, harsher penalties and more legal recourse for victims' families. the police chief blasted the state's dui penalties calling them some of the weakest in the country. the driver who hit leotta has not been charged pending the results of blood tests. now, officer noah leotta joined the montgomery county police department in 2013. would have been three years on the force next month. back to you. >> kristin wright in gaithersburg, thank you. due to the funeral and procession, you're going to run into some street closures from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
5:47 am
muncaster mill road between shady grove road and route 124 will only be open to those attending the funeral. the procession will leave the church around 1:15 and travel to the juice ddean memorial garden. all the routes will be closed. news 4 is taking part in the share the warmth coat drive. in a few hours, veronica johnson will be in alexandria to help take your donations. that kicks off at 9:00 this morning at the berk and herbert bank on fairfax street. for more information on the location and what to donate, you can head to the nbc washington app, use the search term coat drive. right now, we still have wet pavement from those overnight showers and a little ponding of water too. watch out for that this morning, even though the rain stopped for the most part. storm team 4 radar showing
5:48 am
lingering sprinkles out here in western maryland. that will be dissipating as it gets closer to us. we're not seeing any more rain now, the cloud cover beginning to break up, the winds beginning to pick up as well. a little blustery. we had gusts this morning around 20, 25 miles an hour. good morning, right now brand-new problem hearing about in my ear. outer loop before georgia avenue, left lane blocked here because of a brand-new crash going to keep you updated on that one. the ramp to 95, that ramp is blocked, justify got off the fob with police about that. we also asked about a couple of other things. 32 west before bw parkway, right lane there is blocked this morning. eastbound 198, ramp, southbound, that ramp blocked as well. a lot of crashes happening around town right now. 5:48. according to a new report, smaller counties are driving up the jail population in the u.s. a new report says there are
5:49 am
nearly 700,000 people locked up in local jails on any given day. that is up from 157,000 back in the 1970s. smaller counties now account for 44% of all jailed people in the u.s. brazilian police say they have broken up a ring issuing fake birth certificates to dozens of syrians. those were used to secure valid brazilian documents like passports and national i.d. cards. state tv reports some have traveled to the u.s. and europe and some are former members of the syrian armed forces. police say the fraud happened from 2012 to 2014. later today, we'll get a firsthand look at the heroin epidemic in virginia. attorney general mark herring will present a documentary tonight in arlington. it is called heroin, the hardest hit. it includes stories from addiction, abusers, testimony from parents who lost a child to overdose and insights from law enforcement and public health officials. a prescription is no longer needed for a drug that stops
5:50 am
drug overdoses at least in maryland. the state department of health gave the order yesterday. it allows pharmacists to dispense naloxone to thousands of individuals trained and certified. the department says it will make sure all pharmacies have a copy of the order soon. a new york girl who survived a fire which killed her family is going to the happiest place on earth for christmas. 8-year-old sapphire terry received a disney world trip through a nonprofit called memories for kids. santa delivered the news last night. a fire killed terry's father and three siblings. secretary of state john kerry is in russia at this hour. negotiating an end to syria's civil war. that would probably involve removing syrian president bashar al assad from power. russian president vladimir putin supports assad. kerry met with the russian foreign minister today and is meeting with president putin in just a few hours.
5:51 am
in turkey, people are fighting police over curfews in several towns. the turkish government imposed curfews against neighborhoods with high kurdish populations. thousands of people are protesting the curfews. security forces killed two protesters this week and reportedly more than 60 over the last few months. the iran nuclear deal becomes official today. a united nations group is about to finish its investigation of iran's nuclear program. if investigators say iran has stopped trying to build bombs, sanctions against that country could come to an end. one big effect of this, iran would start selling oil globally. with the higher supply, gas prices could drop even more. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we had some nice warm weather and a little overnight rain. but still nice out. >> daffodils are popping up, some tulip bulbs. >> december. >> confused. >> lulled into a false sense of spring. we'll be coming back to reality by the weekend.
5:52 am
it is coming back. right now, storm team 4 radar, most of the rain is gone, a few lingering sprinkles way out there in western maryland. that will be breaking up by the time we get to the next couple of hours. temperatures now are still fairly balmy. lack at reagan national, 64, nearby suburb, montgomery county in the mid-50s. near 60 in fairfax and prince george's. low to mid-60s around the chesapeake bay. what to wear today, you'll need a jacket, long pants and sunglasses as we get that sunshine breaking out here. morning clouds breaking up. waiting at the metro and for the bus this morning, hovering around 60 degrees between 7:00 and 8:00. drop back a bit with the blustery wind into the upper 50s between 8:00 and 9:00. wind gusting around 25 miles an hour. holiday shopping forecast, looks good for getting out to the stores this afternoon. hovering in the low 60s with blustery wind which will diminish by late afternoon. love this photo, just posted on
5:53 am
my twitter page by tom hart. they got wreaths there on the lighthouse there in the chesapeake bay. post your photos on facebook and twitter, love seeing those and share on instagram. tomorrow, partly cloudy and cooler. afternoon highs climbing into the upper 50s. and then rain looking likely on thursday. we could have a weather alert day. mid-50s. moderate to heavy rain is possible. could pick up over an inch of rain. all that ends on thursday night. behind that, though, here comes the cold weather and back to reality, feeling like december again on friday. temperatures staying in the 40s all day long. near freezing on saturday, sunday morning, afternoon highs next weekend, only in the low to mid-40s. milder on monday into the mid-50s. melissa, what is happening on our roads. outer loop before georgia avenue, left lane blocked. we are starting to see some delays there, some slowdowns. live picture here in a minute. west on 100, ramp to southbound
5:54 am
95, that ramp is blocked, got off the phone with police about that one this morning. 32 here eastbound 198, ramp to the parkway blocked. 32 this morning, westbound before bw parkway, the right lane is blocked as well. 95 north of prince william parkway, normal volume, northbound and southbound no big worries there. leading a country can age you and fast. that's the major finding from a new research out of harvard medical school. it shows the stress of the job may shave three years off a leader's life expectancy. they posted their finds online in a medical journal the bmj. they look at heads of states of 17 countries including the u.s., britain, canada, france and germany. look at this. man rams his truck through the lobby of a hotel. this is in oklahoma. he barely missed two women working the front desk there. according to a local newspaper, that driver aparentally was
5:55 am
upset his credit card was declined, twice at that hotel. he had to pay cash. bill cosby is firing back against seven women who accused him of sexual assault. cosby filed counterclaims in federal court saying women are making those up accusations for financial gain. cosby has never been charged with a crime. a tragic story out of kansas this morning where a 3-year-old accidentally shot himself and died. this happened in reno county, kansas. investigators say the boy was a deputy's son and the gun belonged to someone who shared his family's home. the county sheriff is now handing out hundreds of childproof gun locks to families. the sheriff says he wants to prevent the accident from ever happening again. the visa screening process could soon be changing because of the mass shooting in san bernardino. the female shooter came to the u.s. under a fiancee visa.
5:56 am
the state department doesn't check social media communications as part of that screening process. that is where government officials say malik expressed her allegiance to isis. the obama administration is reviewing whether applicants, social media accounts should be checked. today, president obama will welcome more than 30 new citizens to the u.s. the national archives ceremony takes place today. the event marks the 224th anniversary of the bill of rights. in california, a huge effort under way to make ocean water safe to use. california is under a huge drought right now, the biggest desalination plant in the country just opened north of san diego. the owners say the plant will produce 50 million gallons of drinkable water every day. >> don't wait until last minute to do your holiday shopping this year. a study by a retail consulting firm finds it is taking nearly a
5:57 am
week for online orders placed on cybermonday to arrive than it did last year. retailers who offer free shipping are using slower -- to ship items. u.p.s. and fedex said their needs are being overwhelmed by a surge in online orders. watching a number of developing stories for you. out of kazakhstan, this rocket is set to launch in a matter of minutes, taking the latest group to the international space station. a live picture here. why one of the astronauts will make history with today's liftoff. we're watching the situation in chris georges county after a pair of shootings leaves two people dead within a matter of minutes. what we learn about each case next on "news 4 today" at 6:00.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now, we're tracking a number of developing stories in prince george's county after a pair of deadly shootings just minutes apart. live look from kazakhstan, where a crew is on its way to the international space station and is just minutes from liftoff. i'm angie goff. we'll have the launch for you from the live desk straight ahead. bringing guns into the classroom, the school district that is weighing a plan to arm some of its teachers.
6:00 am
tom kierein is tracking conditions you'll see in your neighborhood this morning. >> still balmy, blustery wind now, and the cloud cover breaking up during the afternoon county by county. washington and falls church and arlington and alexandria, county by county across northern virginia as well there in the low and mid-60s for highs this afternoon with partly cloudy sky. blustery wind. southern maryland, all the counties reaching low to mid-60s. winds gust to around 25, 30 miles an hour. cooler, highs near 50s at the pennsylvania border. in the mountains, around 60 degrees for afternoon highs. 50s out of the mountains. weather and traffic on the 1s. drive time forecast, big problems. >> breaking news here, top of the beltway, look at this. this just happened choppers just over the problem now, a two mile backup on the outer loop as you approach georgia. crash isn't that bad at georgia


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